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Dr. Mary Anderson is an intuitive counselor, psychotherapist and teacher living and working in Northern Virginia. She is the Founding Director of the Cardinal Center for Healing in Fairfax, Virginia (www.cardinalcenterforhealing.com). Dr. Anderson has a PhD in the Science of Intuition and Energy Medicine from Greenwich University and a Doctor of Theology in Spiritual Healing from HOLOS University Graduate Seminary. Additionally, she has a Masters of Social Work from Catholic University in Washington, D.C. Dr. Anderson has over twenty-five years of experience working with individuals and couples to help them heal and bring truth, clarity and harmony to their lives.

Following a spontaneous opening to Spirit in the spring of 1997, Dr. Anderson recognized an expanded connection to the other side and fluid communication with Spirit. Her gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience were significantly heightened. This experience led her on a personal journey to clarity and a deeper level of personal healing. Dr. Anderson is passionate about helping others remember who they are and helps them facilitate this through the alignment of their hearts and minds. She believes that healing and remembering is a life-long journey which we accomplish through our relationships with ourselves, others and Spirit.

Dr. Anderson teaches and works out of her office in Fairfax, Virginia and offers channeled and intuitive readings on the phone internationally. She teaches and consults on spiritual growth, intuition, Energetic Psychotherapy ™, and alternative healing. Her first book, Awaken To Your Soul, A Guide To Remembering Who You Really Are was released in June, 2009.

Awaken To Your Soul, is Dr. Mary Anderson's captivating spiritual memoir, in which she shares the details of her personal healing journey following her spontaneous awakening to Spirit one beautiful spring morning. Included within is a workbook as an invitation to the reader to step into their own journey of remembering and healing. Dr. Anderson explains new theories using personal anecdotes, detailed explanations, questions, and exercises in order to promote healing and to clarify the rich, poignant messages from Spirit. Included is a map of the chakra system to facilitate a step-by-step progression into discovering the true essence of a soul.

Awaken To Your Soul invites all individuals on a journey through life to seek the signs from Spirit and determine an authentic path that will ultimately bring happiness, healing, and peace.

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